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The Northwest Alpha Chi Omega Corporation is a Washington non-profit corporation and the legal property owner of the Rho Chapter house at the University of Washington.  All collegiate members of the Rho Chapter and alumnae members of Iota Iota comprise the membership of the NWAXO Corporation, and the Board of Trustees includes several alumnae volunteers who give of their time and talents to act as fiduciaries of the property and maintain the daily operations of the facility.  The local house corporation board meets monthly to address the normal wear-and-tear issues that arise in a commercial dormitory property as well as plan and execute regular renovations, large and small, to continue to serve our collegiate members and provide them with a home that is comfortable and welcoming.

President: Kelli Rodriguez Currie (Theta Pi)

Vice President: Amanda Daylong (Rho)

Secretary: Samantha Bright (Rho)

Treasurer: Kathy Captain (Rho)

Trustee: Delany Fry (Rho)

Trustee: Rebecca Olson (Theta) 

Trustee: Nicole Wimsatt (Rho)

Trustee: Carrie Barrios (Theta Pi)

Trustee: Andi Gowan (Rho)

Trustee: Anna Gustufon (Epsilon), Iota Iota Representative

The NWAXO Corporation graciously accepts in-kind donations to support the facility.   If you're interested, please contact us via email at or consider purchasing something off of our wish list.

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